IOS 12 brings with it apparently improvements for the property ” Portrait Mode “

iPhone X Camera

One of the features revealed by Apple in the year 2016 with the phone the iPhone 7 Plus is a mode ” Portrait Mode “. And for those who do not know the role of this feature, they used a camera phone to take pictures cloudy dull background by focusing only on the basic element in the photo and blur the rest of the elements, just as is the case in DSLR cameras or cameras without mirrors. While it was impressive at first, but when checking in the water, turns out it needed more work.

The good news is that it seems that the iOS system 12 will bring some improvements to this feature, as pointed out by developer Ben Sandofsky. In a tweet on the Twitter network, pointed out that the developer who stands behind the development of the camera application Halide to the difference in data depth in iOS 11 and iOS system 12. With the use of iOS 11, it seems that a lot of the details were blurry compared to iOS 12, which revealed fine details like small hairs.

This was in fact one of the criticisms that were addressed for the ” Portrait Mode“, where many felt that in some cases the final images computing ” soft ” bit. With iOS 12 new, it seems that Apple will make changes to address these criticisms, in addition to integration with phones iPhone new and take advantage of new cameras that will come with it to get the best photo.

In both cases, this will be something we have to wait and look at it, so please check back with us next month where he is expected to know Apple for its new smart phones.

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