IOS 12 – Apple will focus on the good performance of the operating system is number one !

The first month of 2018 has passed, where this leads us to the time we get the new version for your iPhone, iPad, a iOS 12, where we’ll cover all the details related to occupation while formally unveiled, and with today’s new details.

نظام iOS 12 - آبل ستركز على الأداء الجيد لنظام التشغيل بالمرتبة الاولى !

IOS 12 – Apple will focus on the good performance of the operating system is number one !

When we talk about the next version of iOS 12, we inevitably we have to remind you in touring our facilities around it: the first part of the advantages of iOS 12 required of users, and also: the second part, as well as the second part, which gives you a view of light about what want by users and, certainly, the most important desire of the users is the performance, will you have Apple TV.

Will focus Apple on performance in iOS 12

If you ask any owner and user for the iPhone and iPad over 10 years ago, will speak about the fall of the Apple repeated in a lot of mistakes, and it suffers from the problems of the operating system, which did not previously exist.

After about the health of this or not, whether he is released or given elements have only some, but so many complaints related to it, and actually Apple was plagued in recent years with the operating system of the iPhone, iPad, iOS, beginning with version x, especially the current version, iOS 11, which has undergone a lot of updates and still is.

For the Apple TV according to reports, will focus this year on the next version of iOS 12 performance, as will ensure that the next operating system will be readiness and stability required, away from any problems: slow, stop work, gaps, etc.

No for great features in the iOS version 12 this year

If you are waiting to see many more in iOS 12 as it is usually Apple, the reports talking about the line of Craig Federighi head of software at Apple; and that the payment by the group of his work, which you spend to ensure the stability of the operating system, away from any new advantages.

This means I have every version of the iOS system 12 is fully compatible with devices iPhone and iPad, without having big problems, and more, it’s just a development on the above and his apple of the advantages such as: augmented reality, health services, Parental Control and some more light.

No issue the iOS revolution until 2019

You’ll have the patience to read two years from now until you get the new version offers the advantages of a lot, where she spoke the same sources that Apple will postpone its plans for any new features in the iOS system until the year 2019, i.e. in the next version iOS 13, where it is expected to see a renewal in design and facade, as well as adding more varied.

Many of the more going to be revolutionary, and inevitably will be proportional to the technical advantages to be provided by Apple in the iPhones killer, network-related advantages of the various security and other which did not contain the details yet.

Do you care about the stability of the operating system? Or do you want to gain new advantages?

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