IOS 11 installed now 65 percent of all iOS devices

iPhone X

The last time revealed by Apple on the statistics of the various versions of iOS, the iOS system 11 is then on 59 percent of all iOS devices, but it seems that the market share for iOS 11 has grown since then to now to 65 percent, at least according to the last stats and figures revealed by Apple in its official website developers.

And, apparently, Apple does not face any difficulty in the payment versions iOS Modern to overcome the barrier of 50 percent when it comes to market, we have seen in the past several versions of iOS break the barrier of 50 percent, amounting sometimes to more than 90 percent. Regardless of the iOS 11, it has tumbled the market share for iOS 10 now to 28 percent, and we expect to continue the market share for this system decline in the face of rising market share for iOS 11. The same thing applies to versions of iOS that old saw its market share drop to 7 percent.

Given that the market share for iOS 10 broke the barrier of 70 percent in the month of February of last year, it will be interesting to see the market share that will be released to the iOS system 11 by the time of the issuance of the iOS system 12 in the late of the year.


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