Invitations to the conference of the HMD confirming its plans to launch the Nokia 9 with a phone with a hole in the screen

Spread the invitations for the conference of the HMD to be held in Barcelona on the 24th of February next, where it is scheduled to launch released possible with penta camera futsal Nokia 9, also provide the version of the last of the phones available possible with a hole in the screen.


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Company HMD to attract attention to them in the next conference in Barcelona during MWC the year 2019, prior to the launch event officially on the 25th of February comes the Nokia conference on the 24th of February, according to the state official that began to spread.

Confirmed posters for the conference to sign the Nokia brand will be two versions of smart phones, where the applicable version possible Nokia 9 this year as the first versions, which includes the settings of the pentagram for the rear with the signature of the lens penta.

While comes the second version of the smart phones, mid-profile design screen this year, with a hole in the screen features camera front the phone.

Projections indicate that the camera’s five in the Nokia phone 9 will depict in more detail the accuracy and clarity, as indicated by the leaks of other to to phone other that appears in the teaser is a version of Nokia associated Nokia 8.1 Plus, so we have to await the official announcement of the HMD in the next conference on the 24th of February next, let’s clearly on the technology this year in smart phones.


I know of

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