“Invincible” purse Bitfi from McAfee received the award for the worst product in the field of cybersecurity

In late July, the founder of antivirus company McAfee John McAfee introduced “invincible” purse Bitfi and promised a reward of 250 thousand dollars to anyone who will be able to crack it.

A week later, a 15-year-old programmer Salim Rashid, along with OverSoft hacker got access to the device, which turned out to be “simple Android smartphone, which got all too much”. However, the Bitfi refused to pay the promised reward, accusing programmers of fraud and even threatening them.

Now Bitfi deservedly received the annual prize of the Lamest Vendor Response, which is awarded for the worst products in the field of cybersecurity, released on the market. This writes the CCN.

Bitfi from McAfee — safe trick or Scam

The award is given annually to companies that have developed and released the most vulnerable of the device. They must protect the data and money of users, according to the website of the award.

Representative McAfee and Bitfi still not responded on the merits to the statement of Rashid and OverSoft. In social networks project at the beginning of the week, it was reported, in which Bitfi calls programmers trolls who are hired by competitors.

Please understand that the purse Bitfi is a serious threat for Ledger and best wallet, because we have abandoned the outdated technology and created a truly breakthrough product. Therefore, the competitors hired an army of trolls to try to destroy our reputation.

On the website purse the device is still called the safest wallet to store your digital assets. Do you agree with this title? Share your answers in cryptodata.

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