Investor Tim Draper: bitcoin is safer than my dollars in the Bank

Tim Draper — founder of the venture capital companies Draper Fisher Jurvetson and an early Bitcoin investor. After hacking exchange Mt.Gox in 2014 the entrepreneur has lost 40 thousand bitcoins, which at today rate is equivalent to 423 million dollars. Tim continues to support the crypts and considers it to be currency of the future.

Draper believes Bitcoin exchange rate

Thoughts Draper said in an interview to Bloomberg TV, according to CCN. The investor admitted that he thought the hacking of Mt.Gox by the end of Bitcoin.

I thought it was the end. The situation was too bad for a currency that was going to be free, open and boundless.

And since Bitcoin has survived after such — the world really needs it. On the question of a possible depreciation of up to thousands of dollars Draper questioned. The market is volatile, but not so.

Bitcoin currency of the future. Why would I want to sell the future in exchange for the past? Why should I grasp at any thing that is subject to the whims of a particular government?

Draper is confident in the vast prospects.

World currency market is 86 trillion. I think this place is a cryptocurrency. Most of the money will come from the cryptocurrency.

Then he was asked about the safety of coins. Taking into account the losses of Tim at Mt.Gox journalists was clearly expecting a different answer.

My bitcoin is safer than dollars in the Bank.

According to him, the blockchain was not hacked, but the banks break again and again.

It seems that the belief Draper cryptocurrency is infinite. If the Bitcoin community needed to be President, Tim will perfectly cope with the position.

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