Investor bill Miller: Bitcoin will increase, and altcoins — death

Yesterday the independent investor Jeffrey wernick statedthat every person needs to invest in cryptocurrencies. The expert added that Bitcoin is the most affordable opportunity to get rich to the middle class.

Now one of the most famous investors on wall street, 67-year-old bill Miller said that keeps a part of their savings in Bitcoin and sees a great future for the coin. It quoted AMB Crypto.

Who invested in Bitcoin

The investor, whose fortune Bloomberg estimates at $ 2 billion, admitted that most of his portfolio is Bitcoin. Miller managed to buy coins for $ 300 — it is easy to imagine how much since then has grown his fortune.

After Bitcoin rose from $ 100 to almost 8 thousand dollars, the coin has become a less risky investment asset. Now the probability that the first cryptocurrency suddenly depreciate close to zero. And people will invest their money in Bitcoin until until sureguliuoti to death.

Miller also called the limited issue of Bitcoin one of the main advantages of coins.

Currently there are about 17 million bitcoins and about 25 million millionaires. If each of them decide to buy on bitcoin, the price of the coin will grow exponentially.

Speaking about Althing, the investor said that most of them are useless. To survive will only Bitcoin and Ether, I’m sure Miller. Agree? Let’s discuss the topic in our cryptodata.

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