Investigation with the Intel because of the layoffs of 10,000 employees based on their age

التحقيق مع إنتل بسبب تسريح موظفيها بناءً على عمرهم

Open FBI investigation with Intel because it looks like she fears racist when layoffs number of employees in 2016.

The company had laid off about 10,000 employees due to declining Sales, the company said it will depend on the new car is based on development and training shortfalls have sometimes, which seemed acceptable at the time of the special permit the company to lay off employees was based on the nature of the work.

But according to reports from the Wall Street Journal, the company will use the age factor in the choices to lay off staff, which is considered to be discrimination and contrary to American law.

It was reported that the average age of employees laid off was 49, i.e., the largest at about 7 years of average age of employees of the company, which confirms the subject of the investigation. Although the company denied at the time any discrimination in the selection of staff, where she said she did not use any factors related to age, sex, type of residence, color, and other.

We can say that the idea that Intel makes sense especially speaking of miss the younger staff physically, as the company will save a lot of money to do so, so that employees older who work in the company for a long time they were paid high wages because of promotions and bonuses for the service.

The investigation with the Intel because of the layoffs of 10,000 employees based on age appeared first on the tech world.

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