Interface EMUI from Huawei to break through the barrier of 470 million daily active users

Huawei Mate 20X -

Arrived interface EMUI from Huawei to more than 470 million daily active users. This information comes directly from Wang Chenglu, who serves as president of software in the hardware department consumer within the company Huawei. Revealed Mr. Wang Chenglu for this achievement today at a media conference focused on the interface EMUI in China.

He confirmed Mr. Wang Chenglu in the event the growth of the number of users of the interface EMUI over the past few years, but this is not surprising given the number of smartphones that the company says Chinese sell through every year. Currently, the available interface EMUI 77 languages in 216 countries or regions around the world.

We mentioned Mr. Wang Chenglu also the water main which brings the latest version of the interface EMUI. Saw the interface EMUI 5 brought more speed and politics, saw the interface EMUI 8.2 bringing the play mode GPU Turbo, while experienced interface EMUI 9 brought its other advanced features such as Link Turbo, and EMUI 9.1 add a better system files to improve performance.


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