Interesting features of our beloved navigators

Recently we wrote about apps that should be on the iPhone each traveler. But then not paid attention to the navigation. Today we offer an overview of interesting and not always the obvious features of our favorite Navigator from the App Store. They will help not only the driver but the pedestrian always find your way in an unfamiliar place.

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Interesting features of Yandex.Navigator

Yandex.Navigator — the best and most popular helper driver

Yandex.Navigator is considered as the most popular driver’s assistant in Russia. In addition to the standard of its application, the instructions of the road Yandex.The Navigator can help you to pay the fines to call a tow truck, find a place on the city Park (and pay). But the coolest feature, in my opinion, is to pay for refills. When she came, I could not understand how I must be a lazy person, so even at the gas station not wanting to stretch their legs and walk to the cash register. But with the birth of a child feature became very popular. In fact, if you go with him, then at the gas station it is necessary to unfasten, to take… And if he’s asleep? With Yandex.Navigator also drive up to the gas station, choose column and fuel, pay and refuel. It is not necessary to leave the car and even open the door if there is a tanker. And to 1 Nov more and 5% discount on fuel is, beauty. It is a pity that gas stations where you can pay through the app, not so much. I hope the service will continue to evolve.

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Than Yandex.The maps are from Yandex.Navigator

Yandex.Cards — by far, the best Navigator for pedestrian in Russia

If Yandex.Navigator — purely automotive application, Yandex.The cards are already made for pedestrians. Of course, you can use them to drive, but they are focused for those who walk on foot. In my opinion, the application builds the most appropriate routes for walking, Cycling and public transport. In addition, it is possible to call a taxi. Also Yandex.The cards will help those who do not know where to go in your free time. On the main screen there is a selection of interesting events in the city, cafes and shops. There is still the possibility of building a route through several points. Very convenient if you want to quickly bypass a few places in an unfamiliar area. And don’t forget the AR mode, where you can see many interesting things.

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What good is Google Maps

Google Maps is the best navigation app abroad

Google maps was my favorite at walks, while Yandex.Cards are not caught up and surpassed them in convenience. But abroad, the Navigator from Google is still No. 1. The most detailed maps of the whole world. Even has floor plans of major shopping centers. If you’re abroad and don’t want to waste expensive Internet traffic, it is possible to build a route through the Wi-Fi in the cafe and then go offline. And recently got Google Maps and offline maps. Download on phone required — and forward. However, pedestrian routes without the Internet is not yet built. Another interesting feature is the tracking history of their movements. True for those who in the morning often does not remember where it was in the evening.

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What is interesting in — the main assistant to the frugal traveller. A very handy offline maps

Perhaps not the most aesthetic, but the most convenient navigation app abroad if you don’t want to spend money on the Internet. There are detailed maps of almost all regions of the world that is not so much space. Only it is desirable to know not only the name of that café, but also the exact address. Not all actors are present on the map. Even in appeared the guides (unfortunately surcharge). Can download the route in a new city and explore its beauty with a story about them. is building both roads and Hiking trails, making it a good alternative to Google Maps.

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How has Apple Maps

Apple Maps is a long — term attempt to push Google in this field. While not very successful

Our favorite Apple continuously reportsthat have improved their card. But apparently the company forgot that “improvement” is not only the possibility to remove them. Card is still uninformative, slow, not very attractive design of the navigation route. Yes, after the beginning of the cooperation with Yandex and 2GIS, they became at least possible to use. But competitors from Google and all the same Yandex is still far ahead.

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