Intel’s Xe is the brand under which the company will promote its discrete graphics card

Yeah, that’s what will be called a discrete graphics card the Intel. To understand Intel’s Xe is the brand of the whole weld. For example, as Radeon have AMD.

Under this brand will come out and the consumer, and specialized accelerators. If Intel does not change, the brand will come on the market for a long time.

Was launched yesterday at the event Day Architecture 2018. Intel confirmed that the first card will release in 2020. They will be based on 10-nanometer GPU, but it is unclear in which segment will be targeted.

Not so long ago was an interview with a representative of the company, and so, judging by some of his phrases, initially, Intel’s top-end segment limits will not. In fact, not the fact that she would be able to do it, even though the number of spices AMD, which it was recruited.

The output of Intel on this market is truly a landmark event, as it has a significant impact not only on the segment of graphics cards, but the entire PC market as a whole, which is a very long time was not in such a scale. But that’s the case, if Intel released a decent product.

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