Intel’s retreat from its plans to develop chip modem 5G for smart phones

Intel announced its decision to the sudden cancellation of their plans to produce a chip modem 5G for the next generation of smart phones, so the technology giant Apple to hold fast settlement with Qualcomm.


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Pay read for new Intel to stop development of the chip modem 5G both Apple and Qualcomm to hold the settlement sudden Also After a lot of litigation which continued in the corridors of courts until the beginning of 2019, the company refused to Intel to make any comment about the cause of this sudden decisions.

Did not explain what Intel date inform Apple of this decision, however, the projections indicate that Intel has abandoned development of chip modem 5G for Qualcomm, is also measuring time which the Bob Swan, CEO of intel, on the importance of developing the fifth-generation networks and opportunities to improve the profits, however, this new decision confirms that the chip the modem the 5G will not achieve the expected profits for Intel, this was the company’s decision to retreat from the development of these chips.

Also did not provide Apple and Qualcomm any statements about the causes of registry snap, however, the indicators emphasize the concern Apple given its plans to launch a version from phones iPhone, which supports the fifth-generation networks, where planning risk Apple delayed the production of the Intel chip for now to stop the full development of these chips.

Recall that the settlement of Apple and Qualcomm over to pay Apple a financial settlement of the undeclared value by the end of this conflict more fully, so we expect a formal announcement from Apple and Qualcomm to supply chips modem 5G for the next generation of phones the iPhone.


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