Intel’s move to reduce the prices of its products by 15% due to AMD!

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Take the Intel market of processors for desktop computers and even laptops for years too long with sweeping success Series processors, i3 and i5 and i7 since the first generation and even today, especially with the failure of its rival AMD in the response to these treatments at the time. Well, everything changed when AMD developed the architectural Zen and the launch of the processors Reisen with excellent performance in the markets, and that hit Intel the element of surprise.

And according to reports, the processors, Ice Lake from Intel won’t believe in the markets by late 2020 at best, and even then I don’t have Company What do you do in front of the processors Ryzen 3000 new just reduced the prices of its processors present, and according to reports, the company will reduce prices on processors, 9000 rates ranging from 10-15% and is not done by Intel since long years.

The question is: Will this be enough? Where it says AMD that the performance of the second generation of processors-Ray store will appropriate its the most expensive of Intel rates ranging from 35-45%.

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