Intellivision Amico is the reincarnation of the console 40-year-old

While Microsoft and Sony are in the process of game development the next generation of consoles, the market began to flood the retro console.

We’ve already got revived Classic NES and PlayStation, and now there is another. It is called Intellivision Amico. It is the reincarnation console Intellivision, released in 1979. I think the most about it have never heard.

Anyway, Intellivision Amico is a very funny thing. The fact that this is not the usual retro-console. If in the case of the above mentioned models, Nintendo and Sony are actually talking about the same consoles, what were the originals, except that the dimensions smaller, more modern ports, and those same games, in the case of Intellivision Amico buyers will get reissued as classics, and completely new projects on, including multiplayer online games!

In General, Intellivision Amico is a hybrid of a retro console and the new console. And this in turn means that to stay on the market, the console could theoretically take longer. If we talk about the games for the console, here’s a screen with lists.

Consoles will be shipped with built-in re-mastering the classics. Also at the time of launch in the online store promise about two dozen projects, including completely new. Separately noted that all the DLC will always be free, but the games themselves will cost 3-8 dollars.

As for the console itself, it is worth noting amusing controllers with touch screens, microphones, speakers, feedback and support for Qi wireless charging.

Unfortunately, the console will not appear until October 10, 2020 (10.10.2020). The price will be 150-180 dollars.

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