Intel will start next year mass production chip modem phones, iPhone 5G

Use Intel to start mass production chip modem 5G over the next year, which is planned to support the phones the iPhone that apply in 2020 with the contact networks of the fifth generation.

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Think Apple on the first generation of chip modem Intel which supports the fifth-generation networks to support the phones the iPhone 5G that apply in 2020, has pointed out a new report today that Intel will begin mass production of the chip 5G in 2020, to implement the new competition in the market of chip modem 5G between Intel and Qualcomm.

On the other hand, revealed Qualcomm recently announced the second version of the chip the modem Snapdragon X55 5G, which comes after the first version Snapdragon X50 5G, which now supports a lot of phones 5G already, where comes the new version of the chip Qualcomm in phones landed that apply during this year.

As compete MediaTek issue also, the special chip modem 5G, so it may work Apple to change its plans to rely on Intel for the supply of chip modem 5G, except that Intel remains according to a lot of prospects first choice to buy Apple, where he adopted the Apple is already on Intel to supply chips for 4G phones iPhone 7, iPhone 8 in the past.


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