Intel unveils first memory SSD Storage the form of a ruler the size of 32 TB


The company Intel unveiled today what you call the name of the ” memory of the SSD storage of the most intense in the world “. While she was their selves SSD storage present in the market since years, the design institutes in the memory of the Intel storage New, not unique, but it can Intel also included a large amount of memory storage in a device The size of a ruler 12 inches is almost. The first Memory Storage the form of a ruler of Intel has a capacity of 32 terabytes.

It’s memory storage of the most intense and successful company Intel in its creation so far. We have been manufacturing this memory storage new using 3D technology NAND of the company, which operates on the accumulation of memory cells on top of each other in very thin layers.

The disclosure of this design memory storage SSD from Intel for the first time in the last year. The development of this type of memory storage in order to provide the maximum amount of storage space with the guarantee of thermal efficiency the optimal. This design dedicated servers knowing that the data centers used for fast memory storage HDD which systems require expensive cooling to maintain the integrity of her work, designed by Intel to take advantage of this new product.

Can put 32 units of memory storage and the new Intel’s next to each other in data centers. In comparison with takes HDD storage traditional, the self SSD storage, you need to half the air flow to maintain the quality, at least according to Intel. When compared with their selves HDD, they only require a tenth of the energy and a third of the space.



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