Intel unveils 48-core processor. But you yourself do not buy

Intel has decided to get involved in the race of multi-core not only in desktop but also in the server segment. Nominally, today Intel announced a new lineup of CPU Cascade Lake-AP, belonging to the family of Xeon Scalable.

Top of the line processor in this series will contain 48 cores! Before that the maximum was 28 cores, so the growth is really impressive. And he took up out of nowhere. The fact that Intel recently marketed exclusively monocrystalline layout (where a single GPU do not believe), finally decided to move to a multichip design, as does AMD.

No details yet, but certainly it is clear that the new CPU Cascade Lake-it AP multichip. Also, there is no data about their options, models, and so on. Except that Intel reported that the 48-core processor will receive a 12-channel controller RAM.

Normally these processors, as well as other new Cascade Lake, must submit at the beginning of next year. However, there is already AMD will release their seminomatous 64-core CPU Epyc generation of Rome, but now is not it.

In General, as we see, even in the server segment AMD is working a kick, and it’s wonderful.

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