Intel is planning to develop a smart phone foldable supports the move to put the computer

Use Intel Corporation to develop the released Your of smart devices foldable, where he is scheduled to call the user device such as a smartphone when folded with the style of your case when you extend the screen according to the invention made from Intel.

Intel foldable smartphone-PC hybrid

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Smartphones are a folding of the main features for the year 2019, where many companies began already in the development versions, which apply in the first half of this year, and Intel is also one of the companies that would have issued from your smart devices folding.

Has spotted a patent for Intel via the site LetsGoDigital in Germany, where it has been patented for Intel in phones folding through 2017, it also features a design of folding in phone mode while it is being extended to the entire screen to tablet mode, or extend the single-screen style Computer Mini.

Also publish the site LetsGoDigital patented Intel in three-dimensional design according to the scheme own the patent on, as the images reveal a model phone for the Windows 10 virtual in phone.

Also provided that the device supports the extension of the one screen in three panels, can be folded device to display one screen in the smart phone mode, as the operating screen at the left as a keyboard Virtual with touch when extended to develop a PC Mini, while the device goes to put the tablet when you extend the screen fully.

It is planned that the device supports Intel folding Pen stylus which can be stored inside the device between the screens folder, where is installed the pen via a magnet in the device.

Recall that Intel no previous experience in the development of hardware folding and representative network of multiple, where the company unveiled the prototypes of these devices at Computex the year 2018, I knew the previous project بTiger Rapids, as the first prototype design of foldable phone, while the second prototype design of a computer enthusiast, also tend both models with separate.


I know of

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