Intel introduced new mobile processors Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake

Intel today introduced new mobile processors. Announced generation Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake U-Y. the First replaced the CPU Kaby Lake Refresh, and the second will replace the model Kaby Lake.

In both cases, drastic changes have occurred. Intel just raised the frequency, changed the names and slightly changed the assortment. Moreover, if we talk about frequencies, some CPU baseline values were even smaller, but bytovye grown everywhere.

So here is the parameters of six new products.

Source AnandTech

Note the appearance in the line of Whiskey Lake models Core i3. Also note that Intel continues to cheat with the names. Remember the first family of processors Core m. They called the Intel Core m and followed by the digit line and the model number. In the past generation Intel decided to leave the brand Core m is only for a younger model, and the older changed its name to Core i5 and Core i7. I’m pretty sure it was made to people who are not particularly versed in processors, I thought that they have a full Core i5/i7. But the past generation has preserved at least atypical for the “full” CPU naming principle. For example, older model called Core i7-7Y75. Now in the family of Amber Lake we have changes again. As you can see, this model is still Core to the m3 (I think the next generation will fix it), but the two older are now called Core i5-8200Y and i7-8500Y. That is, except for the letters Y’t gives much reduced and rather weak CPU. I think no one will argue that Intel’s doing it purely for the fact that users took weak CPU for powerful.

Leave aside the marketing fraud Intel. Amber Lake processors are the first from Intel that got Gigabit Wi-Fi module. But the image below can not be called cheating.

As you can see, looking at him, you’d think Intel finally got integrated the Thunderbolt controller 3. But no. As reported by third party sources, external controller is still needed. About vulnerability Intel did not say a word, although it is still early in the year promised that all new CPU, which will be released after the first half of the year, will be patched at the hardware level. Apparently not yet developed.

In General we got a little CPU intensive at the same prices and with new names. To a 10-nanometrovoj processors a different strategy from Intel simply does not.

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