Intel faces 32 a lawsuit after a gap of my Meltdown Spectre

This topic Intel faces 32 a lawsuit after a gap of my Meltdown وSpectre appeared on Engadget.

Revealed Intel that they face 32 a lawsuit at least by a loophole on products Meltdown وSpectre, where the company explained that it has been raised 30 A class action lawsuit from consumers called nicotine from investors since February 15, 2018. Threatening lawsuits consumer groups in obtaining financial compensation and fairness, while the suits investment claims that Intel and some officials have violated the securities laws by making statements about Intel products and internal controls that it turns out she lied after the detection of security vulnerabilities.

Intel-Meltdown and Spectre

Face Intel also claims of three shareholders raised claims of secondary they claim that some of the members of the Board of Directors and officers in the Intel have failed to take action in relation to the trade of the interior alleged, it seems that these allegations relate to what he was raised on sales of shares of Intel CEO “Brian rent”.

It is not strange to see Intel facing multiple lawsuits, and the company it could face lawsuits in the future. This has contributed to the gap on the bicycle Meltdown وSpectre in the detection of the fundamental issues in Processor design over the course of twenty years, and for programs to protect the brows have a significant impact on performance. The reply Intel on the security vulnerabilities of transparency in the beginning, it was on Microsoft to disclose the real extent of the performance problems.

Has struggled to Intel to solve the problems of the products caused by a gap Spectre, as caused the updates of the preliminary re-run repeatedly on some devices. Had Microsoft also release an update to Windows Emergency to modify solutions Intel is not good for the Spectre. Resumed Intel now the version of firmware updates for Skylake, while they still choose updates to Broadwell, the processors Haswell, and a number of other processors. As the company is expanding its rewards program problems, make sure to discovered this kind of security problems at the time nearest in the future.


This topic Intel faces 32 a lawsuit after a gap of my Meltdown وSpectre appeared on Engadget.

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