Intel decides to cancel the project computer slim Intel Compute Card


According to a new report, it appears that Intel decided to terminate the development project card computing Intel Compute Card. This was a device the same size as a credit card and contains the basic components that constitute the computer. This included the processor, memory, random memory, internal modem Communications wireless etc. of the other ingredients. The machine was presented for the first time by Intel in CES CES 2017, it seems that the company is not interested in making this device anymore.

The idea behind the creation of the Intel Compute Card is to provide simple solutions for companies to create similar products for docking expandable easily when Intel launched the new versions of Intel cards Compute Card.

This meant that the upgrade process will be simple so that it will output the Intel Compute Card the old and replacing it with a new. Preferably the site Tom’s Hardware that Intel won’t say anymore. the launch of Intel cards Compute Card new and instead to end the project after the issuance of the generation one just featuring the previous generation of processors.

Said a spokesman for the company : ” we still believe that there are many opportunities for innovation in the market of computers indivisible “. He added : ” the decision not to develop products Intel Compute Card new anymore “. Intel will sell all the remaining stock have until the end of this year.


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