Intel confirms the cessation of the development cards multiple computing tasks

Confirmed the site Tom’s Hardware recently on the expectation of the company Intel for the development of modular computing multi-mission modular Compute Cards that came were the size of small cards to support multi-tasking in computers.


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Presented to Intel Corporation computing units Compute Card the Daimler for the first time at CES for the year 2017, where came these units are the size of a small very trying to credit card feature, and support multiple tasks of the processing units, the storage capacity of memory, along with provided wireless connection to sophisticated and other functions.

Have targeted these cards support the companies to develop the base has a simple design and can be upgraded with the launch of Intel’s new updates card multiple computing tasks, which will require a hardware upgrade to change the cards just to new versions of cards Intel, however, these future plans, the timing of the sudden, from Intel, following the launch of the first generation which includes the previous generation of Intel processors.

On the other hand, Intel confirmed also that the company continues to support hardware multi-tasking or hardware of Daimler, they will continue the development and production of battery modules computing the Daimler, to continue selling the line of its first production until the end of the current inventory is full.


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