Intel confirms its intention to launch processors discrete graphics in the year 2020


Although the processors and graphics built-in processors the Central is not strong to that extent, it has achieved Intel some adequate progress in recent years thanks to the Intel HD Graphics. However, it seems that Intel will escalate their performance in the aspect of the graphics through the release Wizard, the graphics of houses in the year 2020. This according to a new report recently released from Ryan Shrout who blew the event the analysts that has been held in the last week.

During the event, revealed the CEO of Intel Corporation, Mr. Brian Krzanich said that the company plans to issue processors graphics own separate by 2020, which would lead the company in the end to create a range of products to various market sectors, such as games, data centers, and artificial intelligence.

Was Intel has hinted in the past to their plans to create processors and discrete graphics of its own in 2017 when hired Raja Koduri to lead initiatives and projects related to processors graphics knowing that he had already Mr. Raja Koduri to work in the Department of graphics within a company AMD helped in the development of card Series graphics AMD Radeon, so his experience in this area are undoubtedly a valuable experience.

It is not surprising to find that Intel decided not to dive into the details regarding the processors discrete graphics own any kind of performance and specifications that we can expect from them. It is also unclear whether Intel intends to launch processors discrete graphics under its brand or whether it will license its own designs for other manufacturers such as how both the MSI and Sapphire and Asus create cards graphics that depend on the designs of Nvidia and AMD.


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