Intel announces processor for notebooks at up to 5 GHz

Announced giant processors American intel on a new range of processors for laptops are high-performance and specifications associated with computers games that offer features upgraded speeds large up to 5 GHz!.

The new processors come within the H series is the ninth generation because they are the same high specifications they are voracious battery where to consume three times the treatments eyebrows The Slim up to 45 watts.

Start with the processor Core i9-9980HK which features speeds up to 5 GHz with a turbo is unlocked, allowing users to break the speed of his visit to new limits.

This comes processor with eight cores and 16 channel with a cache of 16 MB and supports wireless networking cards Wi-Fi 6 which gives data transfer speeds wirelessly up to 2.4 GB per second.

To the extent of development of the situation in this processor, when compared with processors released three years ago, it gives greater speed 54% in the processing of 4K video and improved 56% in gaming performance.

This processor available today for a number of top manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, MSI, HP and others. The available options for Core i5, i7, and i9

The processors desktops has added Intel 25 new processor from different categories ranging from the Celeron and even i9 with the ninth generation which will boost the performance of the largest in the eyebrows, low-spec and cheap.

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