Intel announces cancellation of work on the modem fifth generation of smart phones

Help the events following the announcement of the settlement between Apple and Qualcomm to Intel after a short time of stop work on the modem’s fifth-generation smartphone at the time of grappling where technology companies to provide the service and supplies it on the market as stated in her blog this morning, noted the company they plan will remain a work on modem the fourth and fifth generation computers will also maintain on the investment opportunities and record them concerning the infrastructure of this technology.

Lost said the director of Intel’s CEO Bob Swann, that there is no clear roadmap for the company regarding modem smart phones whether for profit or return cash positive on the company, with mention of the progress made by the company regarding communication techniques but, as noted, stated that its readiness to launch a modem fifth generation including the chips which previously was expected to reach the market in 2020.

In can be said that Apple will be in for the biggest winner of the registration process and will not be at the mercy of Intel and even the production of modem fifth generation, which will be of efficient chip giant Qualcomm; and as it became almost certain now that we are going to iPhone 2019 by its fifth-generation X50 5G.

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