Intel announces all processors which constitute the ninth generation of processors Intel Core


Maybe the company launched the Intel The its octa-core Intel Core 9900K in the last year, but the composition was lacking the treatments flowing. The company eventually corrected that today by revealing the ninth generation of Intel processors Cote full. These include the configuration of all the processors of desktop computers portable.

Processors Intel Core of the ninth generation are considered as a direct upgrade from the Intel processors Coffee Lake of the ninth generation. There are some improvements such as managing the heat better in the flagship models, with support for up to eight cores, compatibility with the USB 3.1 Gen2 and CNVI WiFi.

The ninth generation of Intel Core processors is the formation of the fifth which are used the manufacturing technology of 14 nanometers from Intel. This is the second time that is where the use of technology 14nm from the same process. And Intel to provide these treatments to players and creators alike through features such as support for Ram DDR4, speed up the data when the pairing memory Intel Optane, and more. It should be noted that the lineup of Intel Core processors is supported by a new possibility of consumption 45W of Power Max.


The company that the new line of processors Intel H Series provides a total increase of 33 percent on the level of performance compared with processors that were released three years ago. Therefore, you must provide the new processors update rates the best of times download the best games in addition to addressing the videos of 4K faster. Added Intel’s new models to the lineup of Intel Core own personal computers, which includes models of Intel Core i9 to the Intel Pentium Gold and Intel Celeron flowing. Were announced the first laptops with processors Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i9 new today by manufacturers of computers such as Lenovo and Razer and Asus.


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