Intel acquires a company eASIC to promote iot technologies

إنتل تستحوذ على شركة eASIC لتعزيز تقنيات انترنت الأشياء

Announced that giant manufacturing processors chips electronic Intel announced the acquisition on the company eASIC specialized in the manufacture of electronic chips with a view to promoting their technology in the field of artificial intelligence and Internet of things to compete with their counterparts Qualcomm.

The new company will within the Department group software solutions ” Programmable Solutions Group,” which has Intel created it in 2015 after its acquisition of the company Altera.

And eASIC production circuits chips electronic specifics, where it is programmed to deal with apps programmed for a specific goal such as the technologies of the Internet of things, as it facilitates the re-programmed in easy without the need for fitted covers, which make the Intel you acquired from the foundation.

Did not know any details about the value of the acquisition, but according to PitchBook, the value of the company’s offer at$ 110 million, but of course, such a value does not mean much about the acquisition, they are often the acquisition of such companies at a higher value.

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