Integration ProgPoW can lead to a drop Hasrat Ethereum. But worry about

The algorithm ProgPoW is one of the most talked about upgrades Ethereum on the way to Proof-of-Stake. The Protocol mitigates the efficiency of ASIC mining in the network of cryptocurrencies, also raises concerns about the centralization of some developers. This was one of the main topics for discussion at the meeting on Eth1x/Istanbul.

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Whether to integrate ProgPoW?

Blockchain-developed by Danno Ferrin argues that integration ProgPoW will cause a “catastrophic collapse Hasrat Ethereum“. Fortunately, even this event “will not be the end of the world”, and the cryptocurrency community will be able to cope with it.

Reason — to work on ProgPoW need to exert more effort than Ethash. Partly the case in the memory access devices. This algorithm is designed for active memory usage, so its volume depends on the time of hash calculation.

In many respects the differences between ProgPoW and Ethash will depend on certain types of cards. Indicators Hasrat may vary depending on manufacturers GPU. That is why the miners are so looking forward to the integration ProgPoW — the new algorithm will allow them to make using the cards a lot more.

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Ferrin also mentioned that the fall Hasrat will affect the generation time of the block the bomb’s complexity. The developer told about the three ways to solve the problem. The first (not the best) is to expect that the situation will resolve itself. The second is to introduce a one — time setup complexity on Hasrat. Finally, the third is to introduce a special “multiplier complexity.”

Recall that the integration ProgPoW supports a large part of cryptocommunist. By the way, mining-pool 2Miners also advocates the introduction of an upgrade.

However, the algorithm there are opponents. For example, the former CEO of Bitmain considers ProgPoW “a threat to the decentralization Ethereum”.

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