Instead set the Design tab of the exploration team according to the themes

I got the application instead on a new design for the exploration Explore the site said some of the amendments that will make it easy to spend time browsing the images and video clips according to each topic.

The announcement of this change in the happened developers your annual Facebook F8 earlier this year, now began to work the change on users, became tab exploration featuring publications arranged by topics and you can explore a lot of themes also.

Deals with the topics of things such as sports, TV, movies, in addition to the section “For You” again presents a special set of posts allocated based on your interests and your behavior previous.

He also touched on the Declaration of F8 also to video chat, group video, but did not show these features. However, the “explore” tab on its design began to ask her now, it is assumed that up to your account at any time during the next two days.

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