Instead of student identity you can use iPhone and Apple Watch

In 2015, Apple introduced the Wallet app, which replaced the Passbook for storing loyalty cards, discount coupons and other cards. At WWDC 2018, the company announced that soon the service will receive support from student ID cards. This day has finally come — the students can add to passbook and use the iPhone and Apple Watch to enter campus and purchase products and books.

At the moment, the opportunity is available to College students at Duke, Alabama, and Oklahoma. Until the end of 2018 an opportunity to expand to three more universities: Johns Hopkins, Santa Clara and temple.

According to TechCrunch, the students will be less likely to forget your cards — hardly anyone out on the street taking with them not the iPhone or not wearing the Apple Watch. Also storage cards in electronic format is more secure — if the device is stolen, the card can be quickly restored.

“iPhone and Apple Watch have brought us to a new era of mobility and has transformed our daily experience. When we launched Apple Pay, we wanted to fully replace physical wallets. Adding the ability to bind to Wallet loyalty cards and tickets, we took him possibilities beyond payments. Now we hope that the identification cards students will bring customers more convenient and safe experience” — Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s Vice President of Internet services.

Of course, that by allowing the addition of student identity, which in combination can be a card payment, Apple will benefit from it. First, with each transaction, the company will remove the fees. Their size is still unknown, but even a tiny percentage of companies will accumulate huge sums. Second, tying your data to the Wallet, users will sit down tightly on the ecosystem of the company and certainly will use other services.

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