Instead of Google Play: the market will be a new app store for Android

The freedom that Android brings, provokes the appearance of not only custom firmware that changes the interface of the smartphone, but also alternative app stores, slowly but surely taking away market share from Google Play. As reported by GizChina, the smartphone manufacturer Realme (a subsidiary of Oppo brand) is seriously considering launching a company catalogue software that minimize their dependence on official distribution platform FOR.

Brand Oppo Realme was created specially for emerging markets like India, Malaysia and Egypt, where during its existence has gained considerable popularity, giving the manufacturer confidence in the correctness of the chosen approach. This happened due to the fact that all devices manufactured under the brand Realme, differ affordable price and decent set of features that allow you to comfortably perform almost any task.

Counterparts Google Play

If Realme is really to launch its own application store, given an audience of millions of dedicated users, he has all the chances of success. And if Realme will reduce the fee on each transaction carried out in the framework directory, you will be able to attract developers who will welcome the emergence of a new platform of distribution for their products.

Attempt smartphone manufacturer to create your own app store – this is not a unique phenomenon for the industry. At different times their counterparts Google Play launched Samsung, Huawei, and even Oppo. Each of them though and could not find the glory of Google Play, still scored enough to break-even downloads. Another thing — a private directory of Studio Epic Games, which has appointed an 18% Commission on each transaction and ordered loyal conditions for the return.

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