Instant transfer of funds now available to users of Venmo

التحويل الفوري للأموال

التحويل الفوري للأموال

The company announced the “Vince” Venmo to provide the possibility of instant transfer of funds from the portfolio of the user’s e-mail to his bank account, during a period not exceeding 30 minutes.

The user can convert any amount of the vaccine is US $ 0.25 only, pick it up on his bank account as soon as possible, in the same manner as the same service provided by “PayPal” PayPal for the same cost too.

And still the possibility to transfer money free to bank account available. But it may take some time, which can be bypassed to pay $ 0.25 to get funds almost instantaneously.

Are available new feature for all users “Vince” at the present time, the company owned mainly by the company “PayPal”.

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