Installed Microsoft Windows 10 on 900 million devices

It is said that Windows 10 works on more than 900 million devices globally, he added Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of the group of modern life and devices at Microsoft, a larger number of devices to Windows 10 in the past year more than ever, the chief executive, that “from personal computers to HoloLens the Xbox to the Surface Hub, facing the Windows support innovation with more in the next week”, moreover in the month of March, said Microsoft has more than 800 million active device, and Which was the number of its 700 million devices in September 2018

The increasing growth in the use of Windows 10

تثبيت Microsoft Windows 10 الآن على أكثر من 900 مليون جهاز

Moreover, the operating system Windows 10 that works with this growth, in his way to reach the million mark by the year 2020, more than 50 per cent of all computers are now running Microsoft 10 OS; and this comes four years after the launch of the product, including devices running the Windows 10 traditional computers and laptops, tablets, and other devices like HoloLens and Xbox One.

Got the operating system to 48.86 per cent of the market share in July and go to 50.99 per cent in August, a growth rate of 2.13 per cent, however, growth began to decline since that ended the option of free upgrade to Windows 10 in July 2016, on the other hand, continued operating system Windows 8 to stay at 0.63 percent, while Windows 8.1 hit 4.20 per cent, with owns all the operating systems market share of 4.83 per cent by the end of August.

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