Installation Fortnite for Android can cost you all your data

Application installer for Android Mobile Fortnite revealed a critical vulnerability that allowed hackers to remotely installed on users ‘ devices with malware. The corresponding statement was made by representatives of Google, warned of Epic Games about the manifestations and consequences of the existence of gaps.

The ability to install malware provides operation privileges WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE. It allows you to replace the APK file in the time between the end of the download and start the installation. Substitution of files is due FileObserver, which will trigger the installation of fake software with the right of unlimited access to all your files.

Where to download Fortnite

Despite the fact that the described flaw existed only in the first version of Fortnite, there is no guarantee that new vulnerabilities will not manifest themselves in the future. In this case, Epic Games will lose their reputation, and completely discredit the chosen method of dissemination of the brand title.

Epic Games decided to distribute Fortnite Mobile for Android through the official website without publishing it on Google Play. Refrain from placing the game in the brand Google was dictated by the high Commission that the search giant collects from each transaction conducted through Google Play.

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