Install the application the phone’s camera is on any Samsung phone

Despite the fact that the default camera application for your cell phone in to the purpose and goals and is compatible with the specifications of its camera, but that can’t experience the application of camera phones on Sunday, because of the advantages may correspond with your phone’s camera, and I wasn’t. you won’t hurt anything.

As is well known in these techniques, the newest camera is that carried by the phone Galaxy A and application of holds many advantages that are hard to view, many of them info when most users block your water photography automatic Sylphy depending on artificial intelligence techniques, and export Panorama photography, slow motion and a lot of tools that make photography a real pleasure.

Here we are in front of the two applications, the first application of the simulator as the application of camera phones is, and the other is with your phones is where they pulled the app from the phone system and available for trade for those who wish to.

Application two distinct and we recommend that you first One S10 Camera that works without problems or flaws, while not working some more in the app is drawn from the phone is .

The advantages of application One S10 Camera

  • The application contains 100 filter to image processing can also download more filters.
  • Supports posters were
  • Supports horse photography UHD and FHD.
  • Supports shooting without sound shutter.
  • Can export selfies by pressing the Volume Down button.
  • Button photography floating
  • Named Photo Editor through which you can adjust the sound strength training and modify the colors and add text and many more.

The app is available on Google Play Store at the following link size 22 MB.


The application of S10 Camera

At least the camera application S10 in the efficiency of the application of the aforementioned but carrying a more official from Samsung, but it some of those advantages depend entirely on the specifications of the camera itself which you may not have, so you may find that some of those more difficult to use.

The volume of the app is 130 MB, and you can download it from the following link:


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