Install the application of Pixel 4 of the new audio recording Pixel 4 Voice recorder

With phones pixels 4 always be there with a new operating system, since it is a phone made by Google is the same company that is working on the development of the Android operating system. It is the phones always get the newest versions and the new updates first before any other company made for mobile phones.

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Phones pixels 4 new you will get with the application of sound recording Pixel 4 Voice recorder differently by default within the operating system. It is an application that changes on the phones again, and it takes her to download what’s available of the App Store and Google Play.

It is worth mentioning here that the phone system Pixel 4 will come with a built-allows user to see the screen with Screen Recorder, but we are here with a standalone app for this phone and record the sound Pixel 4 Voice recorder, the app will come independently APK we can download it from the external source is reliable.

The terms of the work application requires to have the phone working system Android version Bay 9 not less than that to the app works without problems and its advantages.

In addition to the possibility of adding text notes to the voice recording, the app features enable the user to search for the word received during the registration where the application will access and allows you to deduction and preservation, and if the app does not support the Arabic language of these people, except that the settings of calendar app any There support for languages other with the next updates of.

How to install apps Pixel 4 Voice recorder new audio recording

1– work on Download app Google Recorder app from the following link:


2– if this is the first time that work to download apps from outside the Google Play Store, you have to activate the option to download third party apps from the settings of the system it to go to the settings Settings and from there to Security and then activate the option Unknown Sources.

3– go ahead and install the app Google Recorder app and run it and his powers, permissions and the pressure to Get Started.

4– to start the registration process click on the button to Play here you can stop the recording temporarily pause and then complete it later.


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