Install apps Google phone dead 30 pro operation almost impossible now

A dead phone 30 Pro is a fantastic phone in all respects the beginning of the design of the phone down the performance of the camera however, the problem of the phone the main is not to support applications and services Google it is what we all know this problem has been somewhat solvable using the method available on the internet since the beginning of the launch of the phone.

This method was an application/tool is available from the Chinese site through which you can accomplish the process smoothly which is what you may Cam a large number of users do only to this site and the beginning of the day stopped working this is because one of the developers has posted a blog explaining the operation of the tool in detail, which is the way you may not like a lot of people.

According to the developer John Wu tool is an LZPlay use the “API” is documented and exists in a dead phone 30, this API gives permission for the tool LZPlay to reach the depths of this system so that applications and services that Google sometimes need to the way to installation different to installed as an application of the system and this process in itself needs the existence of a service or application to a private internal Google called “Stubs” and, of course, due to the ban Google to Huawei finally dead 30 does not have this app!

Quite simply, the service LZPlayer can you install apps without the need for the الـStubs own Google, but they use that API undocumented, which is where Huawei! This puts the likelihood that Huawei are aware of this entire story since the first day and they consent to it.

Hint: the term API means in Arabic “application programming interface” is a technology that allows for an application/services, review of applications and other services to carry out its functions.

Did you let Huawei tool LZPlay that work?

The general picture here is that Huawei was prohibited from using the apps and services of Google, at the same time, the tool which allow to accomplish this task depend on the API is controlled through Huawei’s this, as pointed out by Wu in the recording of his where he thinks that Huawei was aware of this loophole which allowed to apply changes to it in order for it to be the installation of Google services.

For its part, denied Huawei the whole thing confirmed that it did not cooperate with the LZPay any of the pictures, but after a few hours stop position LZPlay about work while we don’t know anything about the developer him or those who support it.🤔

Phone dead 30 Lose certificate SafetyNet

The above is not all what happened but there seems to be what is worse, as there are tweets spread on Twitter today from one of the editors at Android Central which shows that Huawei is now unable to complete the tests SafetyNet and thus lost this certificate so that in the last week the phone was able to pass this test easily.

After less than an hour, one of the editors at the site 9to5Google complete talk on the phone confirming that it has become unable to run the shop Google Play while it was able to do just two days ago! (Using the tool ZDPlay of course).

Now things have become more complicated! So that no one knows what exactly is happening? also does anyone know how I can dead phone 30 Pro Plan select SafetyNet first, although it contains modifications in the system and uses the programming interfaces of the undocumented while this is forbidden for this test.

This story is not the same a global impact, so it won’t affect only to a very small number of users who have a dead phone 30 Pro outside of China since the launch it has been only in China and of course Google services are not available there, but now if you are thinking about the acquisition of Huawei hoping to use some ways to install apps Google it seems that the door may are obstetric!

Of the security issues raised by the Wu in the codification of the provisions also is that the application ZDPlay that is capable of installing apps Google through the use of the API not documented, exists in the phone and this both with the consent of Huawei or not, the question here, what’s to prevent inventors from exploiting this API or other purposes bad this with not we know the existence of APIs to another.

Sources: 9to5Google / Android Authority / Android Police / Wu (Medium)

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