Instagram will use augmented reality to help enhance the shopping experience on its platform

Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and other Apps on iPhone screen

Was Instagram may have started as a platform allows users to share photos with each other, but it’s since evolved to become more than just that. It is becoming a platform businesses can use to advertise products or services next, and in some cases, allow users shopped on the home.

In fact, to help enhance the shopping experience on the product, will be using Instagram now augmented reality platform Spark en a subsidiary of Facebook which will allow users to ” experience ” the product before purchasing it. This means that if you want to see how they look sunglasses it, you can experience it virtually before making the decision to purchase or not.

Confirmed Instagram that they really began to test this new feature right now, but the experience is limited only to the products of companies such as Ray-Ban and Warby Parker, MAC and NARS. We can only assume that it will in the end add more brands to the list, but in the meantime, these are the products that will be available for shoppers.

It should be noted that Instagram and Facebook are not the first to use augmented reality to give customers a chance to ” experience ” the products before purchase. We’ve seen a variety of applications that have been launched in the past which make use of augmented reality technology, but you may get a pleasant experience the next time you open Instagram.

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