Instagram where they will choose the Feedback feature in her stories

إنستقرام تختبر ميزة ردود الفعل في قصصها

About two years ago and the increase was appearing first time for feedback with the Like button famous on Facebook, about a year ago the spread of the feedback in the comments section, and at some point the Facebook by adding a feedback on their application other Messenger, now Facebook you provide in platform to their Instagram where they and specifically of the story.

And let’s be honest, this is not the first time the participation of the reactions in the stories of Instagram where they where last April, appeared a similar feature too, so as an exclusive feature on the app version on iOS, there were different responses by users of their existence or not.

But this time choose the user interface a little bit, and on the other system the Android platform, where these reactions now have a custom icon in the bottom left, which contains 6 replies, distinct in “applause, tears, flame, eyes, heart, laughter, and exploitation.”

Finally this feature is currently available in the official version of the app owner No. Instagram v54., but may have been linked to a test by the server, not as an update is available to everyone, and generally we follow it we appeal to you all-new.

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