Instagram where they will begin testing a feature to submit videos

إنستقرام تبدأ اختبار ميزة تقديم مقاطع الفيديو

Since the introduction of the lifting feature video clips on the application of Instagram where they and the users find it an important feature and all, but that the water was missing always check the submission and delay the video so the user does not have to see the full article in all the time he wants to watch part of it.

But according to the researcher technique, gene Monin Wong, the company has begun testing a feature that allows provide the video clip quickly so that users could speed up the footage or access of the partial time driving without the need to see her fully through the bar above shows the cities for each video.

Will no doubt be a new feature in the Instagram where they are important for most users, especially those who prefer to watch video on the product and follow the accounts that offer video more than audio.

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