Instagram where they leak passwords to some user accounts by mistake.

إنستقرام تسرب كلمات سر لبعض حسابات المستخدمين بالخطأ

According to The Information the Instagram where they organized a number of application users it that the passwords on their accounts might have been compromised due to defect software was discovered in the region; especially aid the download, which the company launched last April, noted a spokesman for Instagram that the error was discovered internally and becomes only a few users.

Associated drawback of the software with the download that allow a user to download its data where explained to the police that some persons who used this property to the address of their profile URL of the account password and store passwords on the servers of the parent company Facebook, which raised the question for some researchers about to exit the current can’t get just in case save the company passwords for the user accounts in plain text, and a spokesman for Instagram on that the company is segmenting the passwords saved.

She said Instagram where they that problem was solved now no longer your users ‘ passwords at risk, but advised them to change passwords as a precaution and the Prevention of any possibility of the arrival of one of their accounts earlier.

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