Instagram warns users now when he meets someone a picture of their own


While the meaning of the story on the Instagram is to last about 24 hours, the capture image of the template means that they will keep forever, and that’s what I don’t want some users sometimes, but it is now possible to know whether someone taking a picture ( Screenshot ) to your. Yes, it seems that Instagram has now begun to alert users whenever a photo was taken for their own by someone else.

It seems that users will get help initially in the first time, where you will be notified via a pop-up window lets them know that in the ” next time ” that captures in images and to or even record the story, that person will do so. We assume that it is fair to inform people when you are filming or recording their own stories, although we are also sure that there are some who would prefer if the habits of taking pictures for their own company on the verge of becoming more popular.

However, there are some ways that can be used if you don’t want to know the other party you’re filming or recording the stories. Some have referred users to turn your phone to Airplane mode (thus cutting off all communication ) will allow you to take pictures or record the story without knowing the other party so, although it can be rather disturbing.

The alternative is that you can take a picture on your computer by website Instagram, or use third-party apps such as Story Reposter. However, it turns out recently that Instagram choose a new feature that allows you to publish the publications of others on your story.


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