Instagram take up the TAB Following

Decided to Instagram to abandon the TAB Following and remove it completely from the application. Already started to remove it gradually for some users since last August, but by the end of this week will launch it on Friday.

Tab Following lets you know what your friends are doing on the social network such as what are the publications that liked it or commented on or people who have followed them. It’s like the section indicator in to Facebook, which abandoned him in the end.

After removal of this tab when the pressure on the heart icon in the bottom bar you’ll see just what belongs to you from your interactions I got with your account for notices, and, therefore, from the top, there won’t be splitting the tab My You , Following just one screen, entitled Activity.

Stand out Instagram it will increase this section in order to simplify the application where they will be responsible for any feature people don’t know of their existence, and this justification is not convincing, because the water’s clear and easy to access.

Can say that the TAB Following made a lot of quarrels between friends offers a state of passive observation, which is not preferred by many, so removing it will be the task in front of your stalkers. provides a positive environment more for retirement.

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