Instagram supports the feature to display video content in landscape mode on IGTV now

The company announced the Instagram about starting style support landscape view video content in the application of the IGTV by a response from the company to the users and content publishers.

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Came the application of the IGTV of Instagram to support users in publishing and viewing video content in a period of time longer than the period specified on Instagram, and today add Company Instagram a required feature of the app users and publishers of content, where the application supports now feature video display in the horizontal position.

I was restricted to the application of the IGTV since its launch on the display of the video content in my head, but the app came with some premium content for landscape for example, which necessarily require the support of a horizontal pattern in the display to get a special offer on the full screen on smartphones.

He also confirmed the company Instagram in the publication came in the pages of your company’s blog, that this development in the application of the IGTV is a response to the comments of the publishers and the users of the app, and confirmed that adding a feature to show a horizontal to vertical position in the application of the IGTV is trying to develop the application of Instagram which has expanded to support images with a frame box shape only in 2015.

Also referred company Instagram that this new style in the presentation of content, Instagram will be greater support for whistleblowers in the development of innovation around the content featured in the application of the IGTV.

Recall that the support of the application of the IGTV to put on a show video content in landscape, comes in the framework of the efforts of Instagram to achieve widespread application and pay the publishers of the innovators of the content on YouTube to join the development IGTV in order to push the app to improve profits and attract advertisers.


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