Instagram start to force users to login to see the publications of others

Began service to share photos, videos Instagram to prevent people who are not registered Access see publications public Without Borders, in a move aimed at prompting users to create an account, or log in because that is important in the study of the activities of the users.

With the new change you will know Instagram – owned by Facebook – window require users to register or Login after a number of audio publications, both via the web, or mobile devices.

Instagram start to force users to login to see the publications of others

She said Instagram staff (DOC) Adweek: “this helps people see the pictures on Instagram, and then understand how they get the best experience Instagram on the way to join the community, communicate, and interact with the people and things you love”.

It is believed that the new change comes under the changes, which seek Facebook – which acquired Instagram for a billion USD in 2012 – to be added to the service since the resignation of its founders (Kevin’s sister, and(Mike Krieger) from the company in the month of September last.

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And Facebook through this step to increase the users join Instagram to be able to see the publications of others, which is something you do Facebook with its social network, which prevents a non-registered see the publications of the users.

But other than Facebook, enter now, the social media network Twitter allows users to see the tweets public users, and you have to log in to deal with it.

This; has declared Instagram earlier in the month of October for Update Options Privacy to give users more control of information they share with third-party apps that connect to the service.

Users can access the new feature by clicking on settings in the list of Instagram, then security, and then applications and web sites to see which services external actors can have access to the data.

Became users through this new page found on the application of the treaty activity and hatred of validity and review all third-party access to the account management can access it.

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