Instagram should be the owner of the story when the”screenshoot”.. this is the bedspread

If you think that you take a picture or more when you share a Story of one of your friends on Instagram need to stop quickly from doing this. The advantage of Instagram is that it sends a notice to prevent you take a photo of the Story especially when you use the app, to give Privacy to those using this water in the famous app.

The app informs you that he already knows that you have to take a picture of the person or screenshoot of Story one on the site immediately, take it where it should be a one-time warning you that the next time a notice will be sent when a picture is taken of the Story on Instagram.

Although the site already you should only that in the case that you think to do this, you have to remind yourself often of the existence of this property so don’t put yourself in an awkward position when you flag one to take you to the secret of the Story is not on-site without the want him to know that.

How do you take a screenshoot without sending Instagram notice?

Always there are restrictions and always also there are tricks, there are simple tricks to this. The easiest tricks is to make the phone in flight mode when you take a picture of the screen, so you won’t feel the application of Instagram that you’ve done anything.


Also, you can do download any Story you want from the site, with cards passed as any normal site with the utmost

Simple. As you can protected on the application of the Story Reposter on iOS, which you’ll find on the store iTunes will have you the same problem.


Also you should note that this feature is available to users of the app gradually where it is not now available to everyone and not having them in your account now doesn’t mean the lack of it completely but it is coming for you soon.

And website Instagram recently making people be able to follow the actions of other terms allowed the site the Last directory that allows users to know the times used in the app for the last time through the list of messages without specifying the use of it in such a special app to share photos, videos, but fortunately we can easily close the property, there are solutions for the new property.

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