Instagram offers a feature fight rumors

Less than two weeks after the report of the committee on intelligence United States Senate, on the exploitation of Facebook tools of the most influential, Instagram, for training presidential election of 2016, here is the Instagram introduces new feature enhance the credibility of the publications.

For publications of Instagram that included news, information and true, you’ll see the publications of gray and the sign “wrong information”. Will this feature a team of Facebook specializes in losing the news, to stop the water first in the America of November deals with the publication and the story of Instagram, take the time to even stop in our area, as well as within the Facebook application.

Will Published again is hidden with the gray hair, but the browser can see it and find a reason to lie to him. As the Instagram user when sharing the publication includes information debunking it.

Recall that the policy of Instagram in the past months was to simply delete the existence of the publications listed of hashtag or tab explore.

In another context, revealed the health of the Jia mansion Wong that the application Instagram will add a tool to the physician to facilitate their management; for example, it will have accounts that rarely interact with the publications in the group, and those that see their publications at the rate of more, based on the usage information from the last 90 days.

How long will the water user to provide followers depending on his interests, than that “sports” and”death” and”Mimzy”. It is similar with Twitter lists.

Finally, while the first water is sure to launch next month as we mentioned, the second feature is still under test and there is no specific date to launch.

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