Instagram launches new ways to address the phenomenon of cyberbullying

Announced that Instagram launched new ways to address the phenomenon of cyberbullying, which is based on a deep understanding of the ways that is development, and how the response of the individuals to.

Used the platform of Instagram for several years the artificial intelligence technology to assess the attempts at development website, or any content designed to harm its users, whether it be through comments, images or videos.

In the past few days, I began to ask a new feature powered by artificial intelligence to alert users that their comment is considered offensive or improper, before it is published.

This training for users of Instagram for a chance to undo put the comment inappropriate, as it avoids the arrival of the notice of this comment to the recipient.

Tests have shown that this property may have encouraged some people to backtrack on their comments abusive and share something other than a Christian as soon as they think in their comments.

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In addition to identifying the ways of development of e-get rid of this phenomenon on its platform, the Instagram is also working to empower its community to confront this type of behavior.

The organization plans to offer a new feature to allow people to use Instagram without notice to a person possible to be a bully.

Will Instagram soon in choosing a property restricting the interpretation, in order to protect the accounts of its users of interactions unwanted.

Once you restrict the user to activate someone, going to be the comments of that person on his consultations visible to the account holder only.

Can the account holder choose to become the comments of the person visible to others, by agreeing to show the comment.

Won’t be able to people lenders see the time of your activity on Instagram, or when you read their messages direct.

Come the idea of a new special because of the reluctance network in the prevention or chase or reporting the bullies, for fear that it might lead to the escalation of the situation, especially if they are dealing with a bully on the ground.

Commenting on these new tools, said Adam Moses, buyer, the head of Instagram: Our role is to connect users to the people and things that they love, but this will only happen if people felt comfortable in expressing themselves through Instagram, we know that development is a challenge experienced by many, especially young people, we are committed to have a leading role in the fight against cyberbullying, which prompted us to constantly monitor the full experience provided by Instagram to fulfill this obligation.

“It is our responsibility to create a safe environment for download on Instagram, and have always this was one of the most important priorities for a long time, we are continuing to invest in understanding this phenomenon and processed better, and we will keep you informed on more updates in the near future”.

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