Instagram launches a light version of the application by the official on the Android platform,


Many of the basic Internet services by launching versions of the light of their own applications to provide a better experience for users in the developing world where the vast majority of people have their devices low potential and can be connected to the internet is uncertain. Now joined Instagram, owned by Facebook to the list after today’s issuance of the application Instagram Lite quietly for android on the Google Play Store.

The app description says : ” the application of Instagram Lite is small, allowing you to save space on your phone and upload it quickly. “ It should be noted that the application of the Instagram base has a volume of 32 MB and offers a large range of features such as the ability to send direct messages and conduct video chats and watch the IGTV, and many other things. As for Instagram Lite new, size approximately 573 KB only and it brings only the basic features.

Therefore, users will be able to post pictures with filters in the gist of them and their story and become the tab ” Explore ” and watch the story. However, the application of Instagram Lite direct messages and video chats and even the possibility of watching videos.

A spokesman confirmed the company Instagram to TechCrunch that it is testing the application of Instagram Lite for Android in Mexico. ” We’re testing a new version of application of Instagram for Android, which take up less space on your device, and it uses less data, and open faster “. However, we still do not know whether the application Instagram Lite will be ads but will be bringing the app to more countries later this year and will be in the end the ability to post videos and send messages also.



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