Instagram is preparing to launch the feature Reels – a copycat version of Tik Tok!

Years ago the Instagram – other apps Facebook – by feature cases and Stories from Snapchat to its various applications: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. Now prepare to copy the platform to other social Whole via a new feature to export a video called Reels which are considered a tradition to develop the tic-tock of the famous. إنستاغرام يستعد لإطلاق ميزة Reels - نسخة مقلدة من تيك توك!

Feature Reels new Instagram began to be launched already in Brazil, which is such as the application of Tik Tok rely on lip-synching with the songs in the video duration does not exceed 15 seconds. Expected to soon show everyone soon.

Feature Reels will be present within the application Instagram basic modes shoot video the Stories where you can publish video to the primary application as or the case.

إنستاغرام يستعد لإطلاق ميزة Reels - نسخة مقلدة من تيك توك!

In the beginning, allows you to water the new seat selection lyric from the audio library available within the app or stored on your device and then choose the part you want and export the video and then modify it after that through the video editor and in the end posted it on Instagram.

Also allow feature Reels several options to watch the video: work or close friends or send it as a message other than Tik Tok, which allows the publishing work only. Also specify the period of publication either for a period of 24 hours as a or publication permanently.

If it works that new feature on the platform Instagram, it threatens the application of Tik Tok directly has been stopped by the losses in the future on the popularity and user base as damaged copy feature case Stories to apply Snapchat.

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